Out of the black, into the blue – Lana Del Rey’s Lust for Life

Lana Del Fuckin’ Rey did it again. She released a new album and it’s a bewitching, breathtaking audiovisual journey as usual. The work is called Lust for Life (it rolls off the tongue well), and it already sounded like a change in artistic direction for Del Rey. No more gloom and sadness? While dark Hollywood tales still have their room on the new record, the singer seems to have accepted fame and the shit it comes with, but also she accepted herself. Familiar love stories are included, but at some  Lust for Life surprisingly gets political too, and the issues she’s trying to raise are well-thought out. Lana Del Rey is fully grown now. ‘Gone is the burden’, she says. It’s like taking off the weighted clothing in Dragon Ball Z, making your power levels spike. Continue reading →


TOP 20 best female singers of all time by nostalgicrocknrolla


While all sorts of ‘top’ lists don’t really offer much of valuable content, I often catch myself enjoying these immensely. Whether it’s TOP 10 rock bands of all time list, TOP 50 Rob Schneider movies or ‘5 ways to become an alpha male’ guide, you end up being drawn to this type of posts on the internet.

From time to time the-best-something lists may be helpful – for instance one day you decide you want to watch Swedish soap operas (are there any??) – googling up ‘best Swedish tv shows’ is the first thing you want to do.

I’m not really trying to show that my opinion on the matter stated in the title is something to live by. I’m only creating a list of female voices in music which I find the most beautiful and mesmerizing, and their work is definitely worth exploring. Also, as I said in the beginning, lists are fun and we’ll see how this one turns out! Continue reading →