Golden Idol Momoe Yamaguchi

featuremomoeMomoe Yamaguchi was arguably the greatest artist of Japanese pop music. Her short-lived career produced countless hit songs, movies and TV series. Following the marriage to Tomokazu Miura in 1980, Yamaguchi retired, pretty much at the top of her game. Retired at the age of 21! I just find this decision absolutely amazing, and the fact that she remains true to it is even more badass. Unlike zillions of starlets and celebrities out there, she chose family life over the spotlight and it’s nothing but admirable. Continue reading →


Yukiko Okada and the bygone golden age of idols

Yukikofeature70s/80s idol pop had this crazy-addictive (and adorable) quality which I miss in the modern day Japanese popular music. Production is a bit different, and the sub-genre itself has evolved to fit the standards of today. I believe that at some point I mentioned here how this sort of music is not particularly challenging and repetitive.
Sure, but damn did it sound delightful back in the day. The period when lots of good stuff came out lasted up to mid 80s or so, and is referred to as the golden age. The singer I discovered only recently is Yukiko Okada, but she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite idol pop performers. Continue reading →