TOP 20 best female singers of all time by nostalgicrocknrolla


While all sorts of ‘top’ lists don’t really offer much of valuable content, I often catch myself enjoying these immensely. Whether it’s TOP 10 rock bands of all time list, TOP 50 Rob Schneider movies or ‘5 ways to become an alpha male’ guide, you end up being drawn to this type of posts on the internet.

From time to time the-best-something lists may be helpful – for instance one day you decide you want to watch Swedish soap operas (are there any??) – googling up ‘best Swedish tv shows’ is the first thing you want to do.

I’m not really trying to show that my opinion on the matter stated in the title is something to live by. I’m only creating a list of female voices in music which I find the most beautiful and mesmerizing, and their work is definitely worth exploring. Also, as I said in the beginning, lists are fun and we’ll see how this one turns out! Continue reading →

New additions to my CD stash

0313I got my Akina Nakamori and Jun Togawa CDs the other day. As usual I reached to CDJapan to fulfill my need for Nihon sounds. Shipping fees are a bit high, but I’ve never complained about their services and they have a very extensive artist catalog. Akina’s 7th album entitled ‘Possibility’ is a dose of above-average Japanese pop music from the 80s – catchy and emotional, + Akina’s voice is as good as ever. Her vocals get really deep and powerful. No to mention ‘Possibility’ comes with a sexy-cute jacket sleeve. Continue reading