Knowing Bros Best of 2018

Another year for Knowing Bros went by, and now they’ve pretty much established themselves as one of the most successful variety shows in South Korea, despite being aired on cable network. JTBC also does pretty good work with promoting the show internationally, by constantly adding clips with moments from the show. Out of 52 episodes aired in 2018, large majority orbited around 5%, with only 5 going below 4%. Continue reading →

The best 7 Korean dramas of 2015


Time goes by very quickly, especially if you’re always watching dramas. There are already plenty new shows running and others are on the horizon, but I’d like to take a moment and look at my favorite titles from last year. I always find it odd that each drama cycle brings two or three shows of similar theme or main motif – so in 2015 we had the abundance of studying moms, chaebol identity disorders, vampires and ducklings-turn-princesses. Continue reading →