The Heavy, Courtney Barnett, and how I’m revising my views on modern music


There was a time when rock n’ roll in its different forms was a dominant force in music. Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Queen, Journey, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith (a random namedrop) filled the arenas all over the world and people loved them. Then by the end of the 80s the industry became completely oversaturated with dudes wearing lipsticks and all that glam. Nirvana and grunge came along, hip-hop arrived in the mainstream, Britpop and so on. I would argue that music in general is more diversified than ever, but what an average person gets to hear on day-to-day basis is just a bunch of artists, those who are  the most intensely promoted by the recording companies. For several years it falsely led me to believe in the notion that ‘the music today sucks’. Continue reading →


What the funk Jane’s Addiction


In a time when glam metal ruled the world and almost everything sounded the same (just like the shit pop of today) there were very few bands which stood out among the countless copycats. Guns N’ Roses reinvigorated hair rock with Slash’s hat, grand guitar solos, Axl’s outrageousness and the bluesy vibe in the vein of Aerosmith.

Jane’s Addiction seemingly also originated from the glam scene (which in all honesty seems more and more ridiculous the older I get), yet what they offered was this explosive blend of music genres which can’t be easily defined. This L.A. band were pioneers of the alternative rock and everything it came to be known as in the 90s (at this point alternative is a crazy mishmash of styles and ironically it is the new mainstream, really). With Perry Farrell’s distinct dreamy delivery and one of a kind music sound Jane’s Addiction quickly rose to be one of the music acts closest to my heart. Continue reading →

Golden Idol Momoe Yamaguchi

featuremomoeMomoe Yamaguchi was arguably the greatest artist of Japanese pop music. Her short-lived career produced countless hit songs, movies and TV series. Following the marriage to Tomokazu Miura in 1980, Yamaguchi retired, pretty much at the top of her game. Retired at the age of 21! I just find this decision absolutely amazing, and the fact that she remains true to it is even more badass. Unlike zillions of starlets and celebrities out there, she chose family life over the spotlight and it’s nothing but admirable. Continue reading →

Great Man Paul Newman and Cool Hand Luke

PaulNI’d like to take a moment and reminisce about a legendary actor, late Paul Newman. Known in particular for The Hustler, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, The Sting or The Color of Money, my beloved performance of his has got to be that in Cool Hand Luke. The piercing gaze, hearty smile and the unquestionable talent are features that made Paul Newman an awesome movie star in my eyes. Yet the more you get exposed to facts about this man’s life, the more you become fascinated, the more you admire him. Continue reading →

Prince, bootlegging, copyright, and how to go about it


A little over a month ago the media released information about musician Prince suing 22 people on the grounds of infringing his copyrights, which was done through posting his bootlegged concerts on internet social platforms such as Facebook and blogs ( The Symbol Man appears to be quite serious about it, as he wants more or less 1 million dollars from each ‘offender’.
This action once again called for a debate regarding the connections between the internet, copyrights and file-sharing. Continue reading →