Thinking back on my life in 2018

While 2017 was the game-changing year which brought first big grown-up decisions in my life, 2018 proved to be even more important. Accepting certain traits, while working on fixing those that don’t really work to my advantage – this has been my focus last year.
As expected, these haven’t been quick and smooth changes, but rather it is a gradual, and quite complicated process. Continue reading →


Crawling Outta My Comfort Zone, or: How I Started Getting My Shit Together in 2017

I never considered this blog to be a source of enlightenment for the masses – there’s very little substance to it and it’s surely reflected in the number of readers – but nostalgicrocknrolla is something very important to me. Even those dry album reviews which appear here, somewhat give an insight into my skull, and in a peculiarly unclear way show what goes on in there. Whether anyone would want to take a peek is a different story altogether.

Anyhow, this post is mostly about that. About my head. As usual, it won’t be written in the now-popular way: ‘I woke up this morning when the sunrays touched my cheeks. I served breakfast in bed for my sweetheart, my life is perfect in every way, have a gorgeous day my darlings! <3’ … I’m gonna be sick. Continue reading →