AOA is giving me a heart attack

aoatitleI know it’s an awful pun but I really had to do it and my heart is actually throbbing because of these girls. Summer, among many things, is the time for Korean pop bands to release easy-listening songs and mini-albums which suit the season. We got for instance SISTAR’s Shake it, SNSD’s Party, Hara’s Choco Chip Cookies and Ring My Bell by Girl’s Day, but a single that really stood out for me was AOA’s Heart Attack. Continue reading →


Batman and his incarnations


Iron Man? Spider-Man? Superman? Batman? Captain America? Flash? Green Lantern? Arguing about which superhero is the best is a pointless and vain endeavor. In the end the Bat will always save the day – not without a few bruises or wounds, sometimes taking a beat down too, with justice being served, yet at a price. He will fall to his knees, but only to get up stronger. He knows what pain and fear are and at the same time it’s perfectly human to experience these. Continue reading →