Koncert Ayano Kaneko w mieście Nara, czyli najlepszy dzień w moim życiu (?)

Moja długo wyczekiwana druga podróż do Japonii była w najgorszym razie tak samo cudowna jak ta pierwsza. Była wypełniona małymi szczęściami i wielkimi chwilami, które zapamiętam do końca życia i cieszę się, że wiele z nich było związanych z muzyką, którą kocham.

Chciałem wyciągnąć ile się da z tych 16 dni, które planowałem spędzić w kraju Kwitnącej Wiśni. Na krótko przed moim lotem do Seulu (moja podróż tym razem też uwzględniała dodatkowo tygodniową eksplorację Korei Południowej) odkryłem, że 5 października w mieście Nara odbędzie się niewielkie wydarzenie muzyczne (森のホルン) i ku mojej radości miała tam wystąpić Ayano Kaneko. Słucham i zbieram jej płyty od kilku lat i jest kimś, kogo naprawdę ubóstwiam pod względem muzycznym. Czytaj dalej →

Ayano Kaneko concert in Nara, aka the best day ever

My long-awaited second trip to Japan was at the very least as fantastic as the first one, and it was filled with those big and small moments to remember. I’m very happy that many of them were related to music that I love.

I wanted to get as much as possible out of 16 days I was supposed to spend there. Shortly before my flight to Seoul (my tour of Japan was preceded by a 7-day long South Korean trip), I found out about this fairly small music event (森のホルン) taking place on the 5th October in Nara, fairly close to Osaka. Much to my excitement, Ayano Kaneko was supposed to appear there. She is the artist I absolutely adore, and I’ve been listening to her music for several years now. Continue reading →

Songs I like for getting lost in thoughts, self-reflections, and contemplating life decisions

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDwi-8n054sHere’s some of the stuff I listen to drift away.
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Ayano Kaneko – 祝祭 ひとりでに (Shukusai Hitorideni) album

Oh Ayano, you really are the best around. While I tirelessly continue to jam to Ayano Kaneko’s 2nd full-length CD – Shukusai, which came out in April, much to my excitement the album got an acoustic rework recently. This new version is re-titled as 祝祭 ひとりでに (Shukusai hitorideni) – Festival alone(?) – as in, it’s a completely stripped down release, with Ayano singing and playing the acoustic guitar by herself. All the songs from the original Shukusai re-appear, and as I’m actually learning to play the guitar since October last year, these rearrangements motivate me real hard (though I still suck). Continue reading →

Ayano Kaneko 2018 update – Shukusai – 2nd full-length album

The second update post about my (currently) favorite Japanese singer. The singer-songwriter/girl with an acoustic guitar shtick isn’t anything groundbreaking, as there are many artists like that in Japan (and in the Western side of things Joni Mitchell or Emmylou Harris have been doing that decades ago). Yet, while listening to Ayano Kaneko I get the feeling she’s a real talent, there’s something special about her music. Her releases continue to bring a smile on my face and the songs make me tap my feet, and that’s what counts, right? A week and a half ago 祝祭 (Shukusai – Festival) came out, which is Kaneko’s second full-length album, following 恋する惑星 (Koisuru Wakusei – Love Planet) from 2015. Continue reading →

Ayano Kaneko – Mure-tachi (群れたち) album

Ever since I’ve heard 恋する惑星 (Koisuru Wakusei) in full, I’ve been hoarding any カネコアヤノ (Ayano Kaneko) CDs I could find. The thing which I decided to skip on was last year’s LP, 群れたち (Mure Tachi). I’m becoming more and more of a collector, but I still haven’t got round to purchasing a turntable, so I decided against ordering a vinyl recording, only for the sake of having it. The moment it sold out, I’ve already regretted my decision… Thankfully, Kaneko actually released the album again in February, this time in the CD format.
The lack of English information/news about this lovely artist, and purely depending on my extremely limited Japanese and Google Translate to find the info sucks, but I’m slowly getting hang of it. Continue reading →

Ayano Kaneko, one of the best indie artists in Japan


I wrote about Lovely Summer Chan. I wrote about Kamin Shirahata. Now it’s time for Ayano Kaneko. And firstly I must say, it’s fucking amazing we’re living in times when I can find out about all these talented artists from the all over the world, even if they aren’t worldwide famous, promoted and mass-sold to us through all the means available. It’s actually possible to learn about this young girl singer who plays the guitar in Japan, and despite the fact that I don’t understand much, I know enough to decide whether someone rocks or not. Continue reading →