Twice Fancy return

Twice’s newest EP entitled Fancy You was released in April, but as usual I’m late with getting down to commenting on it. Twice have already cemented their position as one of the most popular kpop girl bands around, and certainly as my favorite one. While Blackpink (YG) is quite focused on the international audiences and the recent American tour/ Coachella performance made for an incredibly successful promotion, Twice continue to dominate domestically, they also held several shows outside of South Korea. So, how is the title track, Fancy? I was a bit apprehensive after first few seconds of the tropical pop sound which I’m fed up with at this point, but it gets much better later.


I was immediately tired of the intro and the outro synth riff (pretty sure I’ve heard it like million times before). The song then slowly picks up the tempo, culminating in a standard catchy Twice chorus – it could have been something more quirky rather than ‘Fancyyyy…’ though. Last year’s ‘Yes or Yes’ set the bar much higher.

Album version C

I wouldn’t mind if they finally switched out line distributions one of these days. It’s always Jihyo/Nayeon doing the chorus.

Having said that, the song ain’t that bad as some people make of it. I enjoy the bridge near the end, Dahyun parts, and of course, Sana’s ‘chocolate ice-cream’ bit.

Music video is groovy, reminding me of this Deee-Lite’s classic tune.

Overall retro style of the MV is pretty cool. The graphics style is quite different to the few videos before – the effects used seem kinda off at few moments.

Strike a pose.

Girl visuals are certainly stunning. Chaeyoung rocks in the yellow pants. Jeonyeong and Tzuyu look absolutely gorgeous as well. Not sure what they’ve done to Momo’s hair though.

I got Chaeyoung lenticular picture and Mina on the CD cover

Stuck in My Head sounds a lot like Girl’s Day tune. Slower, less exciting Ring My Bell. Not sure how I came to this conclusion, but this song is not getting stuck in my head, that’s for sure.

Girls Like Us – very Western sounding. I’m not too big on it.

Hot comes with an Uptown Town-ish intro, though it goes in a completely different direction soon enough. Not scalding hot, but decent.

Turn It Up – another surprising intro. Sana and acoustic guitar… and then it’s turned up. Upbeat and catchy. Jihyo’s vocals are so cool.

Strawberry – now this one I actually like. A bit of IU vibes here.

The poster is beautiful, I’m really tempted to hang it somewhere


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