Knowing Bros Best of 2018

Another year for Knowing Bros went by, and now they’ve pretty much established themselves as one of the most successful variety shows in South Korea, despite being aired on cable network. JTBC also does pretty good work with promoting the show internationally, by constantly adding clips with moments from the show. Out of 52 episodes aired in 2018, large majority orbited around 5%, with only 5 going below 4%.

Here’s 20 best viewed episodes of 2018:

154 6.473% – Celeb Five

150 6.376% – Lee Joon-gi, IU

109 6.278% – Uhm Jung-hwa

124 6.224% –  Lee Seung-gi

129 6.158% – So Yoo-jin, Sam Okyere

123 6.105% – Yoo Min-sang, Moon Se-yoon

155 5.974% – Yoon Kyun-sang, Kim Yoo-jung

133 5.961% – Noh Sa-yeon, Haha

151 5.934% – Lee Joon-gi, IU

152 5.928% – Twice

112 5.822% – Lee Da-hee, Han Hyun-min

146 5.786% – Lee Man-ki, Sayuri Fujita, Hong Yoon-hwa

134 5.710% – Apink

118 5.658% – Park Jin-young, Got7

131 5.648% – Go Ara, L

153 5.614% – Lee Sang-yeob, On Joo-wan, Lee Su-hyun (Akdong Musician), Kim Sae-ron

110 5.572% – Hong Seok-cheon, Jang Seo-hee

120 5.566% – Song Ji-hyo, Lee El

111 5.510% – Lee Sang-yeob, BoA


What can I say, at least 1 guest per episode mentioned being Ho Dong’s victim this year (Victims 101), and in almost every episode shots were fired at Jang-hoon regarding his divorce, or Ho Dong was showing off his aegyo – honestly the latter at times felt tiresome.

Having said that, I still liked most of the episodes again, though the percentages in the list above do not exactly reflect my enjoyment levels.

So, here’s a short list of my favorite episodes of 2018:

150-151 Lee Joon-gi, IU – First things first. Were they the best guests last year? There was lots of hype around this appearance, and damn, this 2-part show delivered. I’m not IU super-fan, though I’m familiar with many of her songs (some I do like a lot). She was adorable on the show, constantly fangirling over the Bros, all the while being an interesting guest herself, with something meaningful to say (or something cool to sing). Most of all, she eased herself in quickly and went with the flow after a couple of jokes.

Heechul at his best

Lee Joon-gi… IU’s friend who was simply asked  to tag along, and in turn brought so much fun with him. Such a cool and charismatic dude. He does sports, sings, dances, fights, and well, in my opinion he’s one hell of an actor, too. I watched most of his dramas, and often he was the reason I kept watching.

Both episodes were amazing.

128 Hwangbo, Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation), Hwasa (Mamamoo), Dayoung (Cosmic Girls) – basically 4 generations of girl group representatives, and each of them dished out something different. Young-chul actually had a rare couple of really funny moments, Hwasa was hilarious, and Hwangbo had nice stories to tell.

135 Bora, Nara (Hello Venus), Momoland (Yeonwoo, JooE) – (not) another idol episode. Bora and Nara have great personalities, and both starred on Knowing Bros before – though previously as members of Sistar and Hello Venus respectively. I was worried I wouldn’t care much for Yeonwoo and Jooe, but they were fairly natural as well. The 2nd segment was something different this time. A ‘Life Debate’ which turned out to be quite heated. I loved it.

117 Boom, Ahn So-hee – such a happy episode. Hee-chul chose So-hee as his ultimate crush (who defeats the likes of Jin Se-yeon, Ha Yeon-soo, and finally Momo), and Boom’s comedy is fantastic,  ‘imagination chance’ bit was so good.

120 Song Ji-hyo, Lee El – Blank Ji and Secretary Ma. Another great episode when it comes to the stuff they talked about. There was plenty of funny moments, but I like it when the discussions get more serious/personal, and we got this here.

142 Yoon Do-hyun (YB), Ha Hyun-woo (Guckkasten) – I’ve never heard about those guys before, but it’s always nice to see someone who’s outside of the usual group of variety guests. Nice singing bits, Jang Sung kyu’s a total rockstar.

155 Yoon Kyun-sang, Kim Yoo-jung – main characters of the recently finished ‘Clean with Passion for Now’ drama on JTBC; Lovely guests, and Kim Yoo-jung turned out to be such a Soo Geun’s fanboy.

Notable mentions:

152 – Twice

157 – EXID

134 – Apink

153 – Lee Sang-yeob, On Joo-wan, Lee Su-hyun (Akdong Musician), Kim Sae-ron

109 – Uhm Jung-hwa

119 – Wheesung, Kang Han-na

Knowing Bros started 2019 on the ever stronger note, with 7 consecutive episodes above 6% viewership. Last week’s episode number 166 which had for the guests Kim Seo-hyung, Oh Na-ra and Kim Hye-yoon of the crazy popular Sky Castle brought forth the new record for the Bros, a crazy 9,585% viewing figure! The episode was one of the funniest ever so.

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