Dance the Night Away with TWICE and the KPOP Summer 2018 (short) Summary

Barely 3 months after What is Love, TWICE reissued the EP in July, rebranding it as Summer Nights, and now that the summer is coming to an end, I’m finally getting round to write about it. Only three new songs appeared, including the main track – Dance the Night Away. The upbeat, EDM-y song did not completely win me over, though when you accept it for what it is – a light summer party banger, then I guess it’s decent? The visuals of the girls were stunning (no surprise there), the MV is enjoyable and despite the fact that the band did not promote for a long time on music shows, they continued to garner wins and got another deserved popularity boost.

The concept was compared a bit to SNSD’s Party from 2015 (does the time fly, huh), and although this ‘complaint’ isn’t necessarily far-fetched, at the end of the day… who cares. The songs are pretty different – they are as similar as any other radio-friendly pop tracks these days, and the beach and the island aren’t exactly the most groundbreaking ideas that only GG came up with. ‘Stanning’ one band to the point of shit-talking the other, while making some silly rip-off accusations doesn’t make any sense.

Still, I miss lemon soju, mojito and tequilla… or just bring back SISTAR for summer. I-I Swear. That was fun.

My main beef with TWICE’s song is this ‘Dance the night away. Let’s dance the night away’ shout bit, as at first it induced goosebumps of cringe and embarrassment. If only they did away with that fragment, I’d be thrilled. It feels a bit better when it’s performed on stage, but just listening to the song on its own.. ugh. Then again, at this point I’m past that. I’ve watched the performance of the song from KCON 2018 and the crowds went mental, so yeah. I’d probably be the same, and wouldn’t give a damn about that stuff.

Now, the extremely good part of Dance the night away is the chorus. I already know it’s the usual case with kpop songs, as they can get addictive as hell, but this one’s really kicking it up a notch.

Jeongyeon ❤

The dance routine is quite amazing as well, possibly their most difficult by far. Plenty of cool moments in the choreography, and there’s lots going on at any given time.

I should mention that Jeongyeon growing her hair is a plus, too.

One lesson we learn from the MV is that TWICE stranded on the beach of the deserted island ends up partying, rather than trying to save themselves. That’s one way of dealing with problems, huh.

Chillax continues with the upbeat summer party vibe, while Shot Thru the Heart was written by Momo, Sana and Mina, and it it’s a pretty cool, romantic song.

I got the ‘A’ version of Summer Nights, and as usual, it came with all sorts of goodies – a poster, photocards, an extra photo set, a postcard, and DIY postcard. I like the larger size book-like format of the album (the bigger, the better).

What about other kpop summer hits?

BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU – not exactly a vacation concept, but it’s gotta be mentioned. The band was big, but gee did the girls explode even more with this song. Rose, Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa get this strong girl power image in the MV, while they’re still goofballs in the variety shows. A good song, I love the part starting at 2:57 mark. Now I’m waiting for something quirky like Whistle again.


Momoland’s BAAM… here’s a band getting tons of shit for sounding similar to themselves (Bboom Bboom). For me, if it works, don’t fix it. I love this stuff, the choreography is so cool.

I had shoes with lights kinda like that when I was a kid, fucking awesome.

GFriend – Sunny Summer – these girls should be getting way more love. Navillera, Me Gustas Tu, Glass Bead, Rough… and the new one is a rocker as well. Dropping their names in the song lyrics was a cute idea. I love it.

Red Velvet – Power Up – hmm. The chorus is fine, the rest not so much. As much as I like most of RV songs, this one isn’t gonna stay on my playlist.

Apink – I’m so sick – much more mature sound from Apink, instead of usual bubbly pop. I like where this is goin’!!

MAMAMOO – Egotistic – having been tortured by Despacito for so long, I’m staying away from Spanish influences. I’m amazed by how good they sing, but damn this song is off-limits for me.

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