Lovely Summer Chan – Ningen no Tochi

Convenient censoring

Lovely Summer Chan’s LSC was the perfect out of the blue album that rocked my world last year. The perfect blend of the kawaii, distorted guitars, mellow, adorable voice and pop/rock/electronic/you-name-it sound hit that perfect spot on my music palate. Since then, I’ve been eagerly anticipating more stuff from her, and on August 2 this year, Lovely Summer Chan has finally released some new music – an E.P. entitled Ningen no Tochi (人間の土地‘Human Land’). And once again each song appears to be entirely different than the other ones.

Ningen no Tochi consists 4 tracks and all of them represent different music genres and styles – which is a lot like LSC – the diversity of that record is something that continues to amaze me.

The lead song is called FLY FLY FLY, and it’s a 6-minute-long upbeat rock tune, the party song just made for dancing around. A juicy keyboard lick repeats throughout the song, making it incredibly addictive. I really like the riffs in this one and the overall sense of excitement and freedom – if you can’t feel it, then watch the music video.

海を見に行こう is categorized as Shibuya-kei, and I’m gonna take their word for it, as I find this whole genre pretty damn vague. The song reminds me a lot of work done by Sōtaisei Riron (相対性理論), if you watched anime titles like Arakawa Under The Bridge or Tatami Galaxy, then Etsuko Yakushimaru (やくしまる えつこ), the lead vocalist of this band, performed respectively the main opening and ending track. Cool stuff by the way. Now that I think of it, 相対性理論 keeps pretty low profile publicly, and interestingly enough, from what I gather, Aika Imaizumi (今泉愛夏), aka Lovely Summer Chan doesn’t disclose much about herself either.

She did an interview with the release of LSC, and talks a bit about it (it’s in Japanese, but you can run it through the translator if you wish).

ファミリア is a simple straight rocker. Nothing groundbreaking, but it ain’t shabby either. My problem with it however, is the fact that the song sounds similar to few tracks she did before, which is why it’s the weakest track on the EP.

The ending number on Ningen no Tochi is High and Dry – a Radiohead cover done in English. First things first – I don’t like Radiohead. Apparently Radiohead themselves dislike this very song. LSC’s accent in the cover is pretty heavy, so many people will be immediately turned off.

Whiny as hell, c’mon

The final verdict – Ningen no Tochi version is incredible. I take Summer Chan’s lovely voice over Yorke’s whiny vocals any day. Together with the shoegaze-y guitar tone, the song becomes dreamy, romantic, and soothing.

While catching up on the new EP, I also got myself Lovely Summer Chan’s first album, #ラブリーミュージック (#Lovely Music). A couple of songs from it got edited and re-released on LSC – my favorite ベッドルームの夢, and 私の好きなもの (Tsujiri no Matcha itsudemo dokodemo~).

#Lovely Music is definitely less polished than its successor, it has indie, rougher feel. Also the album songs are not all over the place. The two songs I mentioned are the fast tempo ones, 笑い話 is a somber piano ballad. The intro to mis sounds a bit like tricot, but then it gets more melodic than the typical math rock, and that cute bubbly voice makes everything sweeter anyway.

It’s an earlier, prototype version I believe, it’s far better on the album

Both Intro and おやすみ round everything up nicely, with pleasant, simple, acoustic trills and twirls. The track that stands out for me is  ルミネセンス(Luminescence), which is extremely captivating – I don’t want to use the word ‘dreamy’ again, but it really best describes this song. Great album!

So yeah, there’s no such thing like too much of Lovely Summer Chan. I want to get hold of some older releases now. And once again, I’m waiting for new music of hers!


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