Wonder Girls continue to rock: Sunmi’s Gashina and Yenny’s MEiNE

I’m gonna keep mention this ’til I’m blue in the face – I simply cannot get over Wonder Girls’ disbandment. Yenny, Sunmi, Yubin and Hyerim turning into pop/rock/reggae band with idol elements was a perfectly executed idea, and Reboot album in particular got me super-hyped and hungry for more. Unfortunately, the girls could not win with the vicious kpop industry. As they had been around for quite some time, newer, younger idol groups became much more popular, and this led to the obvious conclusion – only the bands which bring in the most $$$ get to stay and do stuff (WG’s contracts were expiring and the re-negotiations brouhaha was bound to end in flames).

Yenny and Sunmi parted ways with JYP, and as it turned out, fortunately they’re good without him. Continue reading →

Lovely Summer Chan – Ningen no Tochi

Convenient censoring

Lovely Summer Chan’s LSC was the perfect out of the blue album that rocked my world last year. The perfect blend of the kawaii, distorted guitars, mellow, adorable voice and pop/rock/electronic/you-name-it sound hit that perfect spot on my music palate. Since then, I’ve been eagerly anticipating more stuff from her, and on August 2 this year, Lovely Summer Chan has finally released some new music – an E.P. entitled Ningen no Tochi (人間の土地‘Human Land’). And once again each song appears to be entirely different than the other ones.

Ningen no Tochi consists 4 tracks and all of them represent different music genres and styles – which is a lot like LSC – the diversity of that record is something that continues to amaze me. Continue reading →

Crawling Outta My Comfort Zone, or: How I Started Getting My Shit Together in 2017

I never considered this blog to be a source of enlightenment for the masses – there’s very little substance to it and it’s surely reflected in the number of readers – but nostalgicrocknrolla is something very important to me. Even those dry album reviews which appear here, somewhat give an insight into my skull, and in a peculiarly unclear way show what goes on in there. Whether anyone would want to take a peek is a different story altogether.

Anyhow, this post is mostly about that. About my head. As usual, it won’t be written in the now-popular way: ‘I woke up this morning when the sunrays touched my cheeks. I served breakfast in bed for my sweetheart, my life is perfect in every way, have a gorgeous day my darlings! <3’ … I’m gonna be sick. Continue reading →

Wypełzam z mojej strefy komfortu, czyli o tym, jak zacząłem zbierać się w garść

Nigdy nie uważałem, że mój blog niesie oświaty kaganiec – ma raczej niewielką wartość merytoryczną i znikomą liczbę odbiorców – jest jednak czymś dość ważnym dla mnie. Nawet te suche recenzje płyt z Japonii itp., które się tu pojawiają, niejako dają wgląd do mojej czachy, i w całkiem niejasny sposób ukazują, co tam się wyprawia. Chociaż trzeba dodać, że to, czy komuś miałoby jednak zależeć na tym, co dzieje się w mojej głowie, to zupełnie osobna bajka.

W każdym bądź razie, o tym głównie będzie w tym wpisie. Niestety, w trochę mniej popularny sposób, niż: ‘obudziłem się dziś rano, gdy promienie słońca dotknęły mych skroni. Przygotowałem dla mej luby śniadanie do łóżka, moje życie jest fantastyczne, miłego dnia kochani! <3’… Litości. Continue reading →