Twice is Sending You a Signal

More and more kpop groups which I’ve been fond of retired lately – Wonder Girls (still can’t get over this one), 4Minute, SISTAR or 2NE1. The giants like Girls’ Generation or BIG BANG may still be around, but I don’t think they’ll stay around very much longer. The entertainment industry is a very vicious place, and new bands pop off straight away to fill the void left by their sunbaes.
In less than two years, Twice has become one of the main forces of the Korean pop. Starting with Like Ooh Ahh, through ubiquitous Cheer Up, TT and Knock Knock, the girlband continues to make a hit after hit, enjoys commercial success and observes great view numbers on Youtube. Twice quickly cemented their position at the forefront of the kpop phenomenon, and now the girls are back with the new single, Signal. So, does it live up to the hype?

Sign을 보내 signal 보내

Nayeon peek-a-boo!

I don’t easily get swayed by the kpop artists, and Twice has been a guilty pleasure of mine for quite some time. While I’ve started to enjoy Like Ooh Ahh and TT basically from the first listen, Cheer Up and Knock Knock are the songs I’m still not completely sold on yet. It was essentially a 2:2 tie, and so Signal had a very important role to play and my expectations were at an all-time high.

What can I say, the girls burned the house of my expectations down, as Signal turned out to be something completely wacky and surprising. The first seconds immediately threw me off guard, as it seemed kinda messy, with the weird beat and peculiar rap. Later on the more familiar melody hooks breeze in, as well as the usual cute dance routines and aegyo gestures of jjirit jjirit jjirit jjirit, but the song is certainly out of the ordinary, not something I would call Twice’s style, evident in the previous tunes. Signal’s twists may not be as shocking as the chorus of 4Minute’s Hate, but the song proved to be intriguing enough for me to OK it.

I got Tzuyu on the CD cover!

A postcard, bonus photos, an additional set of 10 bonus photocards and a huge poster, which I can’t make myself to put upon my wall due to its pinkness

The quirky supernatural concept is built around all girls having fantastic powers, like abnormal strength, time control, super speed or invisibility. Although it’s not a groundbreaking idea, it is not too shabby either – I’m all for the otherworldly when done right, and this MV is totally fine. The girls bring on cuteness overload, and colors are so amazingly vivid, though the same can be said for most of kpop videos – however, I’ll probably always be amazed with the visual qualities of those, so I don’t mind repeating myself everytime.

The girls promoted the single on Knowing Bros show and Momo, Mina and Dahyun engaged in a dance-off (showing their skills to the sound of Kim Young Chul’s Ring Ring)

Apart from Signal, the EP includes 5 other songs. Unfortunately, they’re nowhere near as good as the single, which is frequently the case when it comes to kpop records. They’re not necessarily terrible, but there’s definitely an aura of blandness around them. ONLY 너, HOLD ME TIGHT and EYE EYE EYES are upbeat, cheerful pop songs, but I don’t feel anything special when I hear them. ONLY 너 was written by Wonder Girls’ Yenny, yet the track is absolutely not my thing.
하루에 세번 suits my taste much better – it is the kind of relaxing summer ballad
SOMEONE LIKE ME is alright, however it reminds me of some American or British song(s). As in, the rhythm and the beat appears to have been done time and time again. Or it’s just my conscience being too suspicious, ever since I saw that 4 Chords song by the Axis of Awesome.

As expected, Signal quickly became a huge hit, selling shit-ton of copies soon after its release, garnering wins on all those Korean music programs, too. I wonder if it’s the hit as huge as Cheer Up or TT were, but I approve it for being just a tad different than the ordinary. Surely, I’m looking forward to the next one.

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