Babes Never Die

My top 5 Scotland-related things are: Frankie Boyle, Nazareth, Trainspotting, the accent, and most recently, Honeyblood. The band initially came up on my radar when I heard their first self-titled album, and I immediately fell in love. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait very long for the follow-up record. The rocking duo composed of Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers returned with a Babes Never Die CD in November last year (I took my sweet time writing this)..

After few listens I can say that it packs a punch! The girls definitely stepped up in the rockiness department. Cat is a more aggressive drummer than Shona McVicar was and you can immediately catch that in the new tracks. There’s a real punky edge to some of them. Stina sounds as amazing as ever and she’s also the author of the majority of the lyrics. I’m following Honeyblood’s Twitter and Facebook pages and it seems the girls are enjoying themselves and the promotion of the record a lot. I think I caught like 2 live Facebook appearances and there’s so much energy they give out.

This time round the metaphors present in the lyrics involve witches, werewolves, and sea creatures, and we can actually get a glimpse of those in Ready for the Magic and Sea Hearts, as they come with pretty neat music videos.

I’m not exactly sure what ‘Babes Never Die’ exactly refers to, but I’m guessing it’s a girl power message, also about staying strong despite toxic relationships and all sorts of shit women have to go through. The title track is so cleverly written, but it probably can be said about them all.

‘a witch if I float, damned if I don’t’

Another stand-out song is Sister Wolf. The title’s making me think of Brother Wolf, Sister Moon by The Cult, though I’m not seeing any common thread these two tunes could share. Full moon and werewolves imagery is strong in this one. I love how they’ve come up with the idea to turn ‘move‘, ‘prove‘, ‘sooth‘ and ‘you‘ into the wolf howls. This song may well give you the feeling you’re being hunted. Or haunted.

Cruel is another of my favorites. It’s the only ballad on the release and it sparkles. I like how it gradually grows, and we learn that the cruel intentions aren’t as cruel as they would seem.


Babes Never Die ends on a heavy note with Gangs, and my only complaint is that the album is too short. Is it better than the debut CD? Tough question, but I’d argue it’s a tie. Or actually it may be a bit better, as it’s still in the process of growing on me.

Now I’d only wish Honeyblood would do some European tour and come to Poland. Keep on rockin’!


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