Kitchen war zone – broccoli gyros salad


My culinary spirit has been growing in strength these days. I mean I suck at food preparation because in general I rarely do any cooking, as by the time I get back from work the dinner’s are mostly ready and all I need to do is just dig in. Every now and then however it’s good to make something yourself and get that sense of accomplishment (not too often though, I’m fine with someone else doing the cooking as a rule). Today I decided to give a try to a variation on gyros salad that my friend made for a small house party some time ago.

Over here ‘gyros’ became associated with a salad made of cabbage, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers and chicken meat with gyros seasoning. There usually are few more ingredients but these are staple I guess.

My friend’s recipe offers some a twist – broccoli, mushrooms, hard boiled eggs and cheese come into play and cabbage or tomatoes go away.

When I first ate it I immediately fell in love with this combo. I suppose it’s not completely on the healthy side, but it’s not what I’m exclusively looking for in my food.


The ingredients:

Chicken breast (cut it into cubes, season, fry)

2 broccolis (I had to settle for the pack of the frozen ones – blanch them)

mushrooms (braise them)

2-3 hard boiled eggs

2 onions or red onions

mayonnaise (I decided to make it a bit lighter and mixed mayo with yogurt, with more of the latter)

2-3 garlic cloves (mince them and mix with mayo)



salt and pepper, gyros seasoning

20 dag cheese, finely grated – I used simple gouda

Smear the bottom with mayonnaise sauce, add half of the broccoli, half of the onions and some ketchup


Add chicken, remaining onions, more mayo, and remaining broccoli


Add ketchup, grated eggs, some salt and pepper, mushrooms, even more mayo, finally cheese and some chopped chives.


My effort wasn’t all too shabby at all – honestly, if I can do it – everyone can. And I’m sure anyone may play around with the ingredients too – personally I think the addition of red bell peppers or tomatoes would be amazing.

Salads are tasty and stuff, but it is summertime around the corner, which means the BBQ season. One thing that I like even more than grilling is cooking in the cast iron cauldron over the fire. Mine has 5 liters capacity and it’s enough to feed up to 14-15 people. The stews made in it are really otherworldly, meat and vegetables all soak up the flavor, and that saliva-inducing smell!

hot stew

I overdid it with the flames at that point.


And when the stew is done, later you can just chill and roast a sausage (no innuendo intended).


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