Wonder Girls continue to amaze


Wonder Girls by far remain my favorite Korean girl band. This summer’s new hit single, Why So Lonely does not disappoint – the only thing that’s unsatisfying is the fact that we didn’t get a full album. Sunmi, Yenny, Yubin and Hyerim continue their full band endeavor – I was kinda worried that they might give up on the instruments but I’m glad they didn’t – their approach continues to breathe fresh air into the industry. Singing, dancing and playing the instruments – darn impressive feat!


The single was released in 4 different cover versions, I chose Sunmi though I’m tempted to get Yenny’s version as well.

Why So Lonely turned out to be a song completely different from what I would’ve ever expected – a pop-reggae tune which is nothing like anything WG have done before.  What’s more, it was the first time WG’s single was written by the band members – so as to mark band’s 10th anniversary.









That pink hair is driving me insane!









I’m in a love-hate relationship with that fringe.



And I’m back to lovin’ it.


Yubin’s Butt of Love


Booblicious Sultry Sunmi

While last year’s I Feel You was a blast from the 80s, Why So Lonely evokes the psychedelia and the colorfulness of the 70s. The song is much darker than the bright clothes and surroundings might suggest. Yubin really gets to shine in this one, as she does both rap and singing parts. The girls have such amazing voices though that the best parts involve their harmonizing vocals. There are maturity and real emotions behind the lyrics which you can’t find much of in the songs of the younger (or even fellow) artists.

MV for Why So Lonely is totally nuts and I love it. The setting basically is beautiful girls torturing a life-sized man doll. It’s wacky to even say it out loud.



Good Wonder Girls doing a GoodFellas impression?

아름다운 그대에게 (To The Beautiful You) is an upbeat pop song, which essentially is a love confession. The girl is deeply in love with a guy and asks whether the guy feels the same about her. Likewise I’m in love with the gentle guitar accompaniment at around  1:16-1:30. Sweet & Easy has really catchy drum beat and juicy guitar riff to it  and the tune boasts more modern pop-rock sound.



The hangover glasses

With each listen I pick up those little notes, tiny guitar sounds or drum beats, and the songs gain new layers of awesomeness. Overall Why So Lonely does not surpass Reboot, but it’s certainly up there. If I’m being totally honest I was greatly surprised when Wonder Girls won in few of the Korean music shows. It means there’s still some hope left the world sees the bands which are the real deal.



Way to make me dizzy Yenny

Just around the time Why So Lonely came out, Younha has released her new single and MV entitled ‘Get It’ (알아듣겠지), with backing vocals from Cheetah and the lovely Ye-Eun. I’m not a fan of Younha (I think she had a tune for Bleach anime or something) but this collab was incredible. A girl power song which really sounds a lot like something Wonder Girls could have done. Also the music video rocks so check it out.



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