I Just Wanna Dance… with somebody like Tiffany

ijustwannadanceTiffany, my favorite Girls’ Generation member stepped up her game and made the solo debut recently, with a refreshing album entitled I Just Wanna Dance. Stylistically the release seems inspired by the 80s synth-pop and the 90s soulful r&b ballads sound reminiscent of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. It might be a bit of a stretch comparing Tiffany to these powerhouses, but the young singer has arguably the best voice in SNSD and it’s definitely one of the better ones in the Korean industry. Of course I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention how incredibly adorable she is as well.

The main self-titled track is the true radio hit material because of its classic synthpop aesthetic. That aerobic workout in the parking lot sequence from the MV really screams ‘fuck yeah, the eighties!’. I Just Wanna Dance is a very catchy song, and it really does make you wanna dance along.



TALK has a more modern, electropop rhythm to it. The chorus gets stuck in your head. There’s something smooth and sexy about this tune. A song to listen to with the lights dimmed and a glass of whisky in hand. The next track is called FOOL. ‘Shh…’. It’s probably the most emotional and passionate effort on the EP. Fool surprises with some exciting flow changes.





What Do I Do is the song with the lyrics written by Tiffany’s SNSD fellow member Sooyoung. The song uses some wild hooks which kinda remind me of 4Minute’s Hate style. It didn’t immediately hit the right spot for me, but when it did, What Do I Do struck it hard.

Yellow Light is the time for mellowing out. Those few guitar chords let you know to just sit back and relax. I swear to gosh I heard several similarly sounding songs before, but I guess if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it. I actually wish Yellow Light would be the ending tune, because…
… unfortunately, Once in a Lifetime is a disappointing closing track. I’m not exactly sure what’s my problem with it, but the song just seems unbelievably irritating for my eardrums and the ‘once in a lifetime’ phrase sounds peculiarly corny.





Shame I didn’t get the poster version I hoped for.

Tifanny appeared on the last episode of SNL Korea few days ago and as expected the skits were built around her beauty (usually the case when beautiful singers guest-star) and the fact that she’s from America. The episode was hilarious nonetheless so you might wanna check it out somewhere.


Here’s a little incentive!

Finally, I refuse to get involved in the recent Tiffany vs Jessica kerfuffle as I’m not completely familiar with the issue– all I know is that the girls debuted barely a week apart, which sparked some rivalry among the fans; I will go on and just say that music-wise I’m fully on Fanny team. I was tempted to buy both CDs when I heard about them, but Jessica’s Fly isn’t to my liking at all, so I opted out.

Good for her, though I can’t say I care much.

All in all I Just Wanna Dance is a very solid kpop release, and if Tiffany ever goes solo, I think she would do just fine.


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