Shiina Ringo 2016: televised shows and awards

The bad taste in my mouth left by last year’s atrocious Coca-Cola song, Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri (長く短い祭), isn’t easy to wash off, but life goes on… Shiina Ringo appeared on the 66th NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen, the Japanese New Year’s Eve music show, with the aforementioned tune and I loathed the vocaloid voice as much as ever. The act as a whole was visually great and Kamisama, Hotokesama intro bit was quite enjoyable, but the auto-tune just ruined the experience completely.

Anyhow, after few months of waiting on my part, WOWOW has finally broadcast a concert from 2015 tour. There was also another show of hers aired – a part of the 5th anniversary of Dream Festival on TV Asahi ch1, which took place on November 21-23 of 2015. What can I say – I’m crazy about her and she pretty much nailed it on both occasions, though there were few things I deem unnecessary.



Seizure dance.

椎名林檎と彼奴等がゆく 百鬼夜行2015


WOWOW show was definitely less sparkly than EXPO 2014 (which was perfectly fine despite the gloss), but it wasn’t sleep-inducing jazzy like the Toutaikai DVD. Here’s the setlist:

01. Bonsai Hada
02. Yasashii Tetsugaku
03. Irohanihoheto
04. Togatta Teguchi
05. Rodousha
06. Hashire wa Number
07. Kamisama, Hotokesama
08. Genjitsu ni Oite
09. Genjitsu wo Warau
10. SG ~Superficial Gossip~
11. Netsuai Hakkakuchuu
12. Torikoshi Kurou
13. Shijou no Jinsei
14. Blackout
15. Meisai
16. Tsumi to Batsu
17. Sigma
18. Keikoku
19. Mayakashi Yasaotoko
20. Naute no Dorobouneko
21. Mayonaka wa Junketsu
22. Omatsuri Sawagi
23. Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri
24. Gunjou Biyori

Cabaret didn’t dominate this time around, the concert had overall rockier feel and I enjoyed that. There were some songs which I believe haven’t popped up on past few DVDs – some were decent, and some I didn’t care much about. Opening Bonsai Hada was alright, though I didn’t initially recognize the next song, Yasashii Tetsugaku. Irohanihoheto and Rodosha (労働者) were both pretty great. Kamisama, Hotokesama oddly enough kept me entertained.


Netsuai Hakkakuchū (熱愛発覚中) featured Ringo reminiscing about her Honnou days apparently, as the singer rocked the nurse outfit and did some cute choreography – the song obviously ended with clothes drop #1, unveiling a red mini-dress underneath. Torikoshi Kurou followed in a kind of sultry, lounge-y style with Ringo playing the guitar. One of my favorite arrangements in this concert for sure.




clothes drop #1

Shijou no Jinsei was a snorefest as expected, Blackout‘s accessories – a fur and a tambourine, Meisai had a groovy bass intro. Tsumi to Batsu was intense and emotional (I saw people commenting that Ringo no longer can sing it properly, but I think such criticism is way far-fetched) + she really knows how to make her performances sexual in my eyes.


I still behave like middle schooler.


A boob.

Sigma unfortunately did nothing for me, Keikoku was very rock n’ roll, during Mayakashi Yasaotoko Ringo sent out some adorable smiles. Naute no Dorobouneko was next, and it’s that song she did with Sayuri Ishikawa that I’ve completely forgotten. Mayonaka wa Junketsu was jazzy and included member solos, while Omatsuri Sawagi was the clothes drop #2.





Ringo sang Gunjou Biyori through the loudspeaker and it segued into NIPPON which I guess is here to stay as the concert staple. She did some guitar-shredding and it looked badass and that’s all I can say about it.


Several songs were cut out from the broadcast version so here’s hoping for the DVD/BD.


Those eyelashes and eyeliner were damn freaky though and made Ringo look weird.

TV Asahi DREAM FESTIVAL setlist:

01 マヤカシ優男
02 真夜中は純潔
03 神様、仏様
04 御祭騒ぎ
05 長く短い祭
06 群青日和



Like a cheap Barbie doll knockoff.

Ringo wore a red dress and a princess-ish crown – it looked cheap as hell and I felt embarrassed for her. None of the songs really stood out so I won’t go into detail – the singer seemed bored herself.




Finally I’d like to mention that on February 28th Ringo won in the ‘Best Female Artist’ category at the Space Shower Music Awards. She sported a black kimono – I don’t really know if it’s only associated with funerals or it is also elegant attire one can wear on different formal occasions.

All in all she probably doesn’t care about some lame award and neither do I, but I guess it’s good to be acknowledged every now and then.



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