You are the vulgarian, you fuck. – A Fish Called Wanda


Get a Python to write a script for a film and you end up with a box office smash hit. A Fish Called Wanda is an exhilarating comedy which involves a jewelry heist done by a sketchy bunch of criminals. What follows is a series of betrayals and double-crossing as each party concerned attempts to get the whole lot and leave the others with nothing. Monty Python’s John Cleese and Michael Palin, together with Jamie Lee-Curtis and Kevin Kline star in what just might be one of the funniest movies of the 80s.

Cleese in a lead role of the film aspiring for the Hollywood blockbuster success was a risky choice, but the absurdity of this casting already made him the best option possible. Archie is a stereotypical well-spoken Englishman, who changes bit by bit due to his interactions with Jamie Lee-Curtis’ character, Wanda.His long-winded manner of speaking and staying cool no matter what peculiar situation he’s in, contrasted well with the behavior of his rival for the girl’s attention.


The cunning lady Wanda is the true straight person out there, but she’s also sort of a ‘catalyst’ – by using her charms here and there she influences actions of the men. Guys may be simple but they sure aren’t completely predictable, so she doesn’t get what she wants that easily.


Le due cupole grande della cattedrale di Milano!

Michael Palin stars as Ken, a stu-stu-stuttering oddball who loves aquariums and fish. He’s constantly bullied by Otto (Kevin Kline) and is very prone to injuries. Ken’s the sort of a character who would get hit with anvils in cartoons, end up flattened and then get back on his feet.


Finally, the man I’m the most impressed with, Kevin Kline. Unsurprisingly, he got the Academy Award for his portrayal of Otto, a ‘Fuck Yeah ‘Murica’ dude. He’s very ignorant when it comes to England (and common sense), yet his confidence runs incredibly high, and the manliness he emanates is no joke either. Otto believes the U.S. always saves everyone’s asses, the Vietnam involvement was a tie at worst, speaks Italian and quotes Nietzsche  to establish himself as an intellectual.


That’s what he usually does though.


Don’t call me stupid!!

The quirky story and a colorful palette of characters with some priceless running gags  (the old lady with the dogs) have left me in stitches. A Fish Called Wanda offered the best of both worlds – a perfect blend of American and British humor. I watched the movie again few days ago and I thought I’d post about this great film and kinda work on the ‘nostalgic’ part of this blog.


No animals were hurt during filming.


He’s MINE!


Road-roller isn’t enough for a man this manly.


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