Making sushi for the first time

ootoroLiving in Poland has its perks (kielbasa, breathtaking landscapes, castles, the Winged Hussars), yet unfortunately getting to taste authentic sushi is not one of them. Obviously I haven’t visited every sushi restaurant in the country, been only to few that offer the dish in reasonable price range, but I imagine that what they offer is only a weak, overpriced imitation of the real thing. I’m planning to travel to Japan in 2017 and I’ll definitely eat as much sushi, ramen and other foods that come into my sight as it’s humanly possible (even one step beyond). For now I’m doing what I can and so I decided to make my own sushi.


Failed set of uramaki in the back.

Before I undertook the task, I had read countless recipes, however in the end there were only slight differences between them. So I ended up freestyling a bit as well. I got my hands on smoked salmon, seasoned fresh salmon and smoked cod. That’s one problem with living deep in the country, where grabbing a fresh, nice fish is next to impossible.

I settled for what was available though, and the fish were perfectly edible and satisfactory. I ordered Calrose Daichi rice, nori seaweed and other ingredients, and then proceeded with the preparations.

I let rice sit in cold water first for like half an hour. The liquid got muddy as expected. Next I washed it several times under running water – soon I realized that in order to get perfectly clear water I could do this step ‘til kingdom come. I just decided to cook rice as-it-was at that moment. Ended up doing it for a shorter amount of time than it was in the recipe as well 🙂

I mixed rice with the vinegar mixture and waited until it cools down. In the meantime I prepared fish, avocado, cucumber and pickled kanpyo and oshinko.

ingr1 ing2My first futomaki roll wasn’t a total disaster, but it was far from perfect. My consequent attempts were of higher quality, as I added a bit more heart and force into my work.

I also took a shot at uramaki and it was much less difficult than I thought.

dish dish2We sipped a shot of sake at first. It was fine, but we decided to drink moonshine instead.

Overall, the dish was very tasty, but using 0,5 kg of rice was an exaggeration. I want to use some other ingredients next time. Also, I’d say that the sushi I made was at least at the level of that served in restaurants I’ve been to.

Now I just wanna have a go at those Japanese fat tuna sushi pieces!


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