Yukiko Okada and the bygone golden age of idols

Yukikofeature70s/80s idol pop had this crazy-addictive (and adorable) quality which I miss in the modern day Japanese popular music. Production is a bit different, and the sub-genre itself has evolved to fit the standards of today. I believe that at some point I mentioned here how this sort of music is not particularly challenging and repetitive.
Sure, but damn did it sound delightful back in the day. The period when lots of good stuff came out lasted up to mid 80s or so, and is referred to as the golden age. The singer I discovered only recently is Yukiko Okada, but she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite idol pop performers. Continue reading →

Barney Stinson’s Playbook

barneyLately I’ve been feeling a bit down to be honest. In your mid-20s you begin to notice that surnames of your female friends on Facebook begin to change into different ones, and your feed is flooded with photos from weddings or pictures of newborn babies. I mean, some girls marry even earlier, but now it really starts to sting. There’s the group that will say, ‘you never know, love is just ‘round the corner’, or the peeps who’ll go on and claim that there’s nothing wrong with being single and you shouldn’t be ostracized for that. I can’t quite agree with either of those opinions. So who do I turn to for some help? Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother, and The Playbook. Continue reading →

New addition to my CD stash: Janelle Monáe – The ArchAndroid

JanelleI’ve finally got around to catch up on The ArchAndroid, the debut album of the incredible Janelle Monáe. The Electric Lady, Monáe’s sophomore effort, simply blew my mind, so I was really cautious about approaching the previous record of hers. After few spins I could safely say that my worries were completely unnecessary, as the singer has immense talent and amazing artistic vision. The ArchAndroid is a powerful and satisfying listen which sets the ground for its even greater follow-up. Continue reading →