The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is magical

MetteAs my preference for older music is quite strong, I don’t have much exposure to music post 2005 or so, which is why finding some more recent music gems is always a pleasant surprise.
My most recent discovery is a band called The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Sounds stellar, doesn’t it?

It’s a Danish group fronted by a lovely blonde girl Mette Lindberg. They play a quirky kind of pop with psychedelic/jazzy/dreamy touch. I’m no music expert but the synthesizer, the trumpet, the sax and whatever else they’re playing add to the richness of the sound, making listening to this band like a shroom trip. I’ve never really been on one but The Asteroids Galaxy Tour sure gives me the taste and can serve as a replacement for me.

Mette Lindberg vocals are just wonderful. Anyone remembers Wayne’s World 2 and Drew Barrymore’s Swedish character Bjergen Kjergen? I don’t know how I made this association but that’s all I hear now and it’s neat. Her image is also really ABBA-like.

For now I bought their second album, 2012’s Out of Frequency. It’s an excellent record with great tracks such as Major, Heart Attack, titular Out of Frequency and my favorite, Suburban Space Invader. There definitely is something unearthly and adorable about their music and Mette’s voice and I’m gonna find out what it is, eventually.
Asteroids1Asteroids2Asteroids3Get it now!


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