AOA is giving me a heart attack

aoatitleI know it’s an awful pun but I really had to do it and my heart is actually throbbing because of these girls. Summer, among many things, is the time for Korean pop bands to release easy-listening songs and mini-albums which suit the season. We got for instance SISTAR’s Shake it, SNSD’s Party, Hara’s Choco Chip Cookies and Ring My Bell by Girl’s Day, but a single that really stood out for me was AOA’s Heart Attack.

When I first mentioned about getting into Kpop I did say that the songs are quite catchy. It turns out they’re insanely addictive, as well. Even though you initially might dislike some of them, they may stick long enough to your head until you begin to kick it to the beat. It doesn’t always work that way, but I’m just saying it happens fairly frequently. I’m not fangirling over all these girl bands and their new tunes (yet) but I think I managed to grasp the general idea behind Kpop and I can see its value now.

Heart Attack’s music video presents a high school chick flick kind of story, girls playing lacrosse (this part I do not comprehend) and decent choreography. The lyrics seem to be about love at first sight and feeling like a school girl around the guy…

aoa1aoa8aoa2Got Choa and Mina collectible cards.

Make no mistake, the song is as girly as it sounds, but I’m a kind of a dude who likes pretty much all movies with Hugh Grant including Love Actually and who cries when Bruce Willis saves the world in Armageddon (ok that’s a bad example, everyone should be crying that we lose Willis and Ben Affleck comes back safely). My point being this music video is perfectly fine for what this song is, cute little summer track. I’m still having trouble distinguishing between the voices of AOA members aside of Jimin and Choa though I’m on a good path.


Youtube page of AOA also had another video posted entitled Heart Attack Special Video Sparkling ver. which proved to be mostly about spanking not sparkling (not complaining!).

I was going to comment how much I love it and I certainly wasn’t planning on talking about morals and where the world is going today but then I remembered reading about Parents Music Resource Center committee which dealt with all those dangerous music acts like Twister Sister, W.A.S.P., Van Halen or even Cyndi Lauper (am I really that innocent that it never occurred to me how filthy She Bop is?)… After a moment of reminiscence what can I say, times have surely changed. I’m just glad that with Youtube and global air mail I have access to all this stuff.

I’m still waiting for Wonder Girls – Reboot to arrive, as this gem will surely be reviewed here.



3 thoughts on “AOA is giving me a heart attack

  1. I can’t choose a bias, I’m stuck between Choa, Seolhyun, Mina and Hyejeong. Unfortunately I don’t have much love for Jimin to be honest 😂

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