A house divided… Poland of today.

hussarsWhile for the most part this blog deals with quite different issues, I thought I need to weigh in on a problem which became so evident in recent years, and it really makes my blood boil and cry at the same time. Polish people are split right down the middle and it wouldn’t be all that surprising, but there is so much hostility and bitterness between the two groups that it feels like the nation is going to fall apart any moment now. At first glance, the division has a political character, but its roots go much deeper than that. Continue reading →

Shiina Ringo – Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri / Kamisama, Hotokesama

ringowhyThe amazing Japanese songstress returns with a new summer single and unfortunately it makes me question her integrity as an artist.
When Ringo first started out, she played fairly straight-forward pop-rock mix with few twists here and there which paved her way into stardom. Then came Shouso Strip, KSK or Sanmon Gossip and we were wowed by her genre-bending and experimentation. I do not ardently love each and every song from these albums but I definitely admire the road she has taken. The more recent album – Sunny – is not up to par with her older releases but it is still a decent and pleasant record.
This new single is an atrocity. Continue reading →

Wonder Girls’ REBOOT is possibly the best thing that happened to Kpop lately


With Ye-eun going solo, Sohee quitting to follow her acting career and Sunye leaving because of her marriage, future did not appear very bright for Wonder Girls, the quintessential Korean pop girl band, which rocked the nation, and the world, back in 2007. Although JYPE agency insisted it’s hiatus only, I don’t think anyone expected the band to pull through the peril. Well, the surprises are the best, so the news from June about Wonder Girls making a comeback caused waves. Continue reading →

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is magical

MetteAs my preference for older music is quite strong, I don’t have much exposure to music post 2005 or so, which is why finding some more recent music gems is always a pleasant surprise.
My most recent discovery is a band called The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Sounds stellar, doesn’t it? Continue reading →

Kimchi and my other ventures into the realm of Asian cuisine

kotatsuThe thing about watching a lot of Korean or Japanese dramas or anime is that after a while you start to pick up some cultural phenomena. And what really caught my attention is eating. Koreans and Japanese always consume something. Basically every episode of every drama ever has people gathered around the table fighting with chopsticks for a bigger chunk of meat etc. There are also all those side-dishes, each on a separate plate. While here in Poland it’s all about getting your fill with a pork chop the size of a plate, there appears to be more finesse and etiquette related to eating in Japan and Korea. Although I’m totally OK with my diet (I could lose few kilos though) some of the Asian dishes I saw did make me salivate a bit so I decided to give them a try. Continue reading →

AOA is giving me a heart attack

aoatitleI know it’s an awful pun but I really had to do it and my heart is actually throbbing because of these girls. Summer, among many things, is the time for Korean pop bands to release easy-listening songs and mini-albums which suit the season. We got for instance SISTAR’s Shake it, SNSD’s Party, Hara’s Choco Chip Cookies and Ring My Bell by Girl’s Day, but a single that really stood out for me was AOA’s Heart Attack. Continue reading →

Dave wrapped up his dog and pony show and we’re left with unicorns

billThe moment I dreaded over the last dozen of months came on May 20th – David Letterman retired, and after a bittersweet final show, he left behind emptiness and sadness. It may sound exaggerated but I do feel down because I’m sure we won’t see much of him from here on. Despite saying otherwise, Dave is a recluse and doesn’t let many people into his private world. Continue reading →