‘I’m a cop. From the future. I need your help.’ Kung Fury will rock you like a hurricane!

kung fury featureDavid Hasselhoff together with his chest hair was a big part of my childhood, however nasty it sounds. Both Knight Rider and Baywatch had me glued to the screen; the first one because of the talking, multifunctional car, and the latter because of all the babes running on the beach in slowmo (giving me kiddy boners). Dave Hasselhoff is not Daniel Day-Lewis when it comes to acting, but he did fit into his uncomplicated roles perfectly, and I don’t have any bad memories related to them, so props for that.

riderThe stare.

Several years later he reemerged on my horizon – he had this short appearance in Eurotrip, where he sings a ballad in German during a dream sequence of the main character, and it was creepy-funny as hell. I mean I knew he had a quite successful music career in Europe before Baywatch… but why?? You cannot just understand the 80s. In 2006 he played Adam Sandler’s boss in Click! and he did pretty decent there. I realize it is an Adam Sandler’s movie, but Christopher effing Walken starred in it along with always sweet Kate Beckinsale so it couldn’t be that bad, right?

eurotripwalken kateNow I researched a bit, and it turns out he was a judge in America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, but who cares about that when he just outdid himself. His newest song, True Survivor might be his greatest achievement yet.

The track is here to promote the upcoming short film Kung Fury, an epic homage to 1980s, martial arts, cop movies and so much more. True Survivor comes with a mind-blowing music video (it kinda is a modified trailer for the movie) which condenses everyone’s favorite decade in few minutes of the fun nostalgia ride. The MV and the movie itself features probably every movie clichés and plot devices from that period, including time travel, nerdy scientists, bandanas, neon lights, street fighting, karate, nonchalant one-liners etc. If it already wasn’t exciting enough, the director decided to throw in dinosaurs, Vikings, Thor, Nazis and Hitler AKA Kung Führer…

viking baeStarring:Viking chick with a machine gun. And BOOBS.

This production is imbued with the 80s to such degree, that for the soundtrack it needed someone to convey the mood in the most believable fashion, and who is better for the job than the actual 80s star. I don’t know the details behind the collaboration of the director David Sandberg and David Hasselhoff, nor how much money he was paid for it (the project is a pretty small-scale, low-budget sort of deal so I’d assume not all that much), but I think he’s a good sport for participating in this one. He might actually enjoy a new wave of popularity, as True Survivor went viral, with over 4,7 million views in 4 days.
I must say I’m really fond of the comedic effect through exaggeration. The explosive mix that Kung Fury is going to bring reminds me of the 2012-2013 ONA (original net animation) done by Trigger studio (founded by 2 dudes who worked for Gainax and that’s saying a lot) called Inferno Cop. This short anime series consisting of thirteen ~3-minute-long videos was totally wacky and absurd, with 180 degrees turns and cliffhangers every episode. It followed the adventures of Inferno Cop, a policeman who looked like Marvel’s Ghost Rider and had to face hordes of adversaries, human, undead, or otherwise. The anime also included urban combat, time slip and dinosaurs (Dilosmonotolcoltsaurus anyone?) as plot devices.

infernocopAlthough Inferno Cop was badass beyond words it still polarized the anime community. I guess it means that plenty of people will loathe seeing another incarnation of the eighties’ spirit. But it doesn’t really matter, after seeing that trailer and that music video I’m completely sold on this production. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out better than the things that the 80s gave birth to. Like Poison for instance.

kfuryDamn, I’m hyped.


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