Rebellious spirit of the 80s lives on in The Kings of Summer


Not sure if they are classified as a separate film genre, but lots of coming-of-age movies are among my favorites. There’s something incredibly humane about young people freaking about small problems, thinking their lives are ruined only because they damaged the car of their dad’s or some peers saw them wearing underpants with a kitty on it.
The kids deal with their embarrassment, live through bigger or smaller problems they’re faced with it, and in 10 years time they might even have a laugh about them or completely forget them , as the mess they were in ultimately wasn’t that serious.
What remains of our childhood and teenage years is a mosaic of good and bad memories; the latter might not even evoke sad feelings anymore – all things we remember from back then make us what we are now, and each of those memories is equally important. Continue reading →

Modern Family is what would have happened if Bundys had succeeded in life

bundy family

So different, yet strangely alike. Two important television takes on the family life. Although the basic premise is essentially the same for both shows – comedic depiction of everyday life of an American family – the similarities (formula-wise) probably end here.

While ‘Married… with Children’ is a typical sitcom with a laugh track, ‘Modern Family’ is a mockumentary, pseudo-documentary where the fourth wall is systematically broken, a type of show which really experienced its renaissance in the 2000s (I say it’s all because of Ricky Gervais and his brilliant ‘The Office’). Continue reading →