Why so little love for good ol’ grumpy Dave Letterman?


Lately I was preoccupied with other stuff and I ended up missing on David Letterman’s announcement regarding his retirement in 2015. When I finally learned about it like a week ago, it came as quite a shock for me. A television icon of 31 years decided that it’s enough and thought it is time to wrap things up. The sudden move caught everyone by surprise.

As a matter of fact, the news hit me so hard, that last several days have been a crazy Youtube marathon involving me watching all my favorite Dave videos.

I’ve been checking out the Late Show bits for 6 or 7 years. Thankfully there’s plenty of shows available on the Internet. What I found out over the years, apart from me absolutely adoring David Letterman, is that he actually is not particularly liked by Americans anymore. People’s comments mainly consist of lines such as ‘he’s an old fool’, ‘ignorant’, ‘stupid’, ‘Ferguson is better’, ‘Jimmy Fallon/Kimmel is better’ or my favorite – ‘rude’. Continue reading →

How television these days downsizes brains or something


When did MTV die? When did television start to be so full of crap? Why in the world people watch dung anyway?

Back in time when I was in elementary school, around 7 AM, I was glued to TV screen dazzled by the beauty of Sailor Moon. At three in the afternoon I was admiring Batman The Animated Series or Pokemon and like an hour and a half later I visited my neighbor to catch up on Dragon Ball episodes. 7 PM was the time of ‘Dobranocka’, evening TV program slot for kids (pick one): Moomin, Gummi Bears, Maya the Bee, the Smurfs, The Adventures of Mickey and Donald etc. … Weekend days had morning cartoons as well. These ritualistic TV sessions were pretty darn swell.
When I was an adolescent there were music programs which featured normal music and TV dramas which were not completely bland or flat-out stupid. Hell, I was even watching Argentinean soap opera (Muneca Brava) and it seemed decent at the time (maybe not so much anymore, but I’m almost certain I’d get hooked up on it again if I were to see few episodes once again). I followed few game programs and talk-shows and they also were engaging and fun. Continue reading →

TOP 20 best female singers of all time by nostalgicrocknrolla


While all sorts of ‘top’ lists don’t really offer much of valuable content, I often catch myself enjoying these immensely. Whether it’s TOP 10 rock bands of all time list, TOP 50 Rob Schneider movies or ‘5 ways to become an alpha male’ guide, you end up being drawn to this type of posts on the internet.

From time to time the-best-something lists may be helpful – for instance one day you decide you want to watch Swedish soap operas (are there any??) – googling up ‘best Swedish tv shows’ is the first thing you want to do.

I’m not really trying to show that my opinion on the matter stated in the title is something to live by. I’m only creating a list of female voices in music which I find the most beautiful and mesmerizing, and their work is definitely worth exploring. Also, as I said in the beginning, lists are fun and we’ll see how this one turns out! Continue reading →