New additions to my CD stash

0313I got my Akina Nakamori and Jun Togawa CDs the other day. As usual I reached to CDJapan to fulfill my need for Nihon sounds. Shipping fees are a bit high, but I’ve never complained about their services and they have a very extensive artist catalog. Akina’s 7th album entitled ‘Possibility’ is a dose of above-average Japanese pop music from the 80s – catchy and emotional, + Akina’s voice is as good as ever. Her vocals get really deep and powerful. No to mention ‘Possibility’ comes with a sexy-cute jacket sleeve.

Jun Togawa is crazy. She’s the kind of chick who would bully boys in elementary school, go around dissecting bugs and do all kinds of weird stuff I usually stay away from. Her music is a total mishmash of avant-garde, new wave, enka, rock and aidoru pop, all the while seeking inspiration in traditional Japanese music.

And that’s what Showa Kyonen ((昭和享年) is mostly made of. This mini-LP is stylized as old-school, as if it was recorded in the 40s or something, it’s even accompanied by turntable crackles. Brilliant album. The version I bought is a SHM-CD (super high material) reissue which comes in a cardboard sleeve.


Few days ago I visited a local CD store in hope I find something cheap and cool. I picked Aerosmith’s ‘Get Your Wings’ and the first album of Fine Young Cannibals (this one was like 3 bucks only). ‘Get Your Wings’ isn’t my favorite Aerosmith’s work but the 70’s era was still their best. Tracks like Woman of the World, S.O.S. or the cover of Train Kept a Rollin’ are songs which shine the brightest on this album.

Fine Young Cannibals are known for their ever-popular song ‘She Drives Me Crazy’ off their 2nd record, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by their debut album, solid rocking. It’s a shame they’re only perceived as one-hit wonder type of band.

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