The horror of adulthood and the failure of work.


Being a grown-up ultimately sucks. ‘Tis a conclusion many a man reached. The number of chores and tasks you have to do increases significantly and for the most part they only complicate your life. What’s more, no school and no class ever prepared you for this messed-up state we call the adulthood. The school walls made you angry so many times… Yet could it be that these very walls actually protected you from what was coming next?  
So you get to legally drink or smoke – who cares by this point though? Most of us have been doing it since we were teenagers and we actually enjoyed it then. When you’re no longer prohibited from doing it, drinking loses some of its charm and it only becomes a stress-reliever. Well, you need it because you’re an adult and it hurts your brain so much.

Remember spending most of the time in school – sitting through boring lectures, acting silly during recess, longing for winter or summer holidays… it’s gone when you’re a grown-up. Seasons don’t really matter anymore, it only gets more stuffy at the work office in the summertime.

Do you recall picking up an ice-cream from the fridge, going outside and lying on the grass, thinking about absolutely nothing? You certainly can’t do it once you’re of age. Your mind just gets clouded with all that stuff that, as a matter of fact, you don’t even want to think about but you can’t help it.

College brings some minor changes in your life. It’s likely you go studying to a distant city or state, or even country. Perhaps you make your first contact with ‘work’. For the most part you’re still a kid though. You live an exciting life, you don’t really have many responsibilities, and you make new friends despite the fact that it is a bit different than the good times you had with your high school buddies.

She makes few good points there.

The realization that I’m no longer a child has been dawning on me for some time. Several months ago there was still college, there was getting my Master’s Degree, writing my thesis. I was trying to ignore it. Growing old that is. Every now and then I meet my cousins’ kids and they all turn out to be teenagers now.

I’m like, “When did that happen?!”

It feels odd and stupid for a guy in his mid-twenties to talk like some grumpy old man. But is it really? The definition of the adulthood should be working your ass off ‘til you’re old and feeble, only to be receiving pension for the x years you got left.

A job. The most dreaded aspect of being a full-blown citizen. And you thought school was lame. The worst class of Maths/Physics/[insert your own] doesn’t even begin to compare to work, and the load of guano it represents.

‘Hold your horses, young feller, I love my job and I’ve been doing it for 30 years!’

Unless your line of work involves checking if bacon is crispy enough, feeling up women’s boobies, wine-tasting or game-testing, I cannot really believe you went through all that and enjoyed yourself.

What comes with a job is a salary. Huzzah! So, surprisingly there’s a benefit of having a steady workplace. You can spend your $$$ on travels, dating, collectibles.


But look, society doesn’t play by your rules. Salary for the work you’ve done isn’t spend only on the stuff you desire. Bills and taxes come into play. Once you have your own family the hard-earned money gets completely lost along the way and ‘I’, ‘my’ and ‘myself’ slowly disappears.

I’m still making my first steps in the adulthood zone. I don’t have a wife or kids just yet. I’m not living in any inconvenience and I am not suffering physically (although my beer belly did grow a bit over the winter!!). But I feel scared. Scared that life of a grown-up is deprived of fun and myself. In one of my previous posts I spoke about Yutaka Ozaki and his music, how he sang about boundaries that the world puts on us. He truly was onto something.

It’s not like I’m depressed or that I’m panicking. It’s far from that. Maybe it’s because I studied the Humanities and I have these weird thoughts which scholars analyze (probably not mine in particular) and write books about, but no one really is ever crazy enough to read them.

The creepiest element of it all is the fact that somehow there’s a great number of people who enjoy this state of decay and corrosion of your dreams and carefree life you used to love.

Some time ago I asked my co-workers if they’d want to live the rest of their lives without having to work. 2 out of 3 said they would not like it because they’d get bored, blablabla. My heart stopped for a second there and my eyes popped out, cartoon-style. You get the permanent ‘out of jail card’ and you refuse? I could not comprehend it. Am I really in a minority? Or is it like the Matrix, and most of the people didn’t take a pill yet?

I pray to God there’s more to adulthood than this, otherwise I’m doomed.


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