New additions to my CD stash

0313I got my Akina Nakamori and Jun Togawa CDs the other day. As usual I reached to CDJapan to fulfill my need for Nihon sounds. Shipping fees are a bit high, but I’ve never complained about their services and they have a very extensive artist catalog. Akina’s 7th album entitled ‘Possibility’ is a dose of above-average Japanese pop music from the 80s – catchy and emotional, + Akina’s voice is as good as ever. Her vocals get really deep and powerful. No to mention ‘Possibility’ comes with a sexy-cute jacket sleeve. Continue reading

The horror of adulthood and the failure of work.


Being a grown-up ultimately sucks. ‘Tis a conclusion many a man reached. The number of chores and tasks you have to do increases significantly and for the most part they only complicate your life. What’s more, no school and no class ever prepared you for this messed-up state we call the adulthood. The school walls made you angry so many times… Yet could it be that these very walls actually protected you from what was coming next?   Continue reading →

“Well, um, I’ll have a Coke, then.” – The Boondock Saints


The other day I happened to catch on TV ‘The Boondock Saints’. I have watched this movie for the first time when I was in the 6th grade or something while staying over at my cousin’s place for holidays and it left a very strong impression on the sweet and innocent 10-something-year-old myself. It was probably the first movie I’ve seen to include this amount of violence, blood and foul language. Taking aside the things mentioned, the premise of ‘The Boondock Saints’ was really interesting and I enjoyed re-watching it several times when I got older. Continue reading →