My music heroes – Yutaka Ozaki


Janis Joplin. Jimi Hendrix. Jim Morrison. Richey Edwards. Kurt Cobain. Amy Winehouse.  Musicians who belong to the so-called 27 Club (there are more). Through music they proved their immense talents, and, partially due to untimely deaths at the age of 27, they achieved the status of rock n’ roll legends.

The question is – should we glorify those who lived lives of excess and abuse, and simply got what was coming to them? Probably not. Yet all these years after Joplin or Hendrix died, people all around the world still find joy and inspiration in their artistic output and charisma. There’s something inexplicable about certain personae in the music business which makes us – listeners – hopelessly captivated by anything they do or sing about.  The dangerous devotion to music they do – even if it means straying off the safe path of counting the earned $$$ in the multi-million-dollar-worth villa – is extremely charming. Continue reading →

Prince, bootlegging, copyright, and how to go about it


A little over a month ago the media released information about musician Prince suing 22 people on the grounds of infringing his copyrights, which was done through posting his bootlegged concerts on internet social platforms such as Facebook and blogs ( The Symbol Man appears to be quite serious about it, as he wants more or less 1 million dollars from each ‘offender’.
This action once again called for a debate regarding the connections between the internet, copyrights and file-sharing. Continue reading →

Nihon music and I

Morita Douji

I first became interested in Japanese music around 8 years ago – I believe it was my freshman year in high school. One day I decided to re-watch Dragon Ball saga, which I used to often catch on TV back when I was a kid. Then I discovered ‘anime’, watched few of these cartoons, kind of liked several songs (not to mention anime themselves), and in the end I decided to look up some Japanese rock music. Continue reading →

‘I was born too late…’ No, you were not.


You’re in your late teens/early 20s and you begin to realize the things aren’t working out exactly the way you’ve planned them. Sure, you’re a normal guy. You have a circle of close friends you hang out with, you have your hobbies, you’re trying to make the best of what you’ve got; you’re more or less aware of what’s going on in the world today. You finally graduated from high school and thought that the grand college life of your dreams (which was based on a bunch of movies starring a guy who’s a total loser, yet still gets to bone Alyson Hannigan) was just about to start.  Continue reading →